Raising the Regiment  

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Well they are here at last. GW/Forgeworld have finally released the Death Korps models. Never mind the squeaky clean America-Mom-And-ApplePie image of the Cadians; dont give a thought to the Rambo-esque square jawed over muscled semi-mutant Catachans; forget the muffled hordes of Valhallans; I first saw them in the Armageddon website and fell immediatly in love. I later saw the full body sketch in the third ed C:IG and was even more in love. The death Korps look like what war is. a Hard, gritty,dirty, bloody business. Having waited so long for these MoFo's to come out I am desparate to make a good job of them, I have held off painting partly to see what the rest of the community comes up with; partly to do research; partly to clear the back log of projects off my desk (which I have failed to do) and partly because of real life intruding in my busy painting Schedule.

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Great work!

4 December 2008 at 14:40

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