The H'rus Incident Game 1  

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500 Point Game. Eldar Anihilation, Imperial Capture the Flag, ended in an Imperial Victory.

Biel Tan forces were still only beginning to gather on the H'rus. Not enough of the Warhost had arrived to lauch a an overwhelming strike on the Inquisitor. But if the Eldar were to stop the Artifact falling into the hand of the Imperium, time was running out. The Eldar knew however that a small force applied at the right moment can have a far greater effect than a larger force applied too late or too early. The Fates were read and the Time judged
as just after the Imperials killed their Tau Hosts.
Cresting the brow of the Hill overlooking the temple the Host began firing before the body of the last Tau Water Case fell to the ground.

Inquisitor Mateus, looked up from the Ruins and saw the Eldar warhost comming over the hill. Immediately seeing the danger he grabbed the artifact and ran for his Personal Scout Rhino. Swinging up onto the Footplate, Inquisitor Mateus voxed a warning to his bodyguard. They were to hold back the Eldar, at all costs.

In the forrest surrounding the ruins men of the 291st Death Korps of Krieg, dropped their disuises and readied their weapons. The Inquisitor had ordered and the Korps would follow his orders to the letter. The Xenos would not pass and would be made to pay a high price for their presumption.

IX Company 1st Platoon HQ Squad were the first to engage the enemy, opening Fire on the advancing Eldar bikes from the trees, brining two of them crashing down with Melta and Plasma Fire. Eldar retaliation was swift and brutal. Shuriken fire stripped leaves and bark from the the sheltering trees. Within seconds almost everyone in the command section was down, wounded or killed. Only Specialist Korpsman Kurgen was unharmed.

With nothing left to loose He rushed from the trees firing his Melta as he came, and charged the Monstrous Eldar Revenant construct. The Eldar Wriath Lord seeming slightly confused by the suicidal Human, barely paused in his stride as he cut the Korpsman in two.

The Eldar continued their headling rush at the Imperials. But they could see already it was too late. The Inquisitor escaped with his retinue, still cluthing the Artifact.
They had thrown the Dice in a gamble and lost. Now the War would have to continue. Many More would have to die before it was over.
The Eldar Host swept passed the Death Korps Lines still in the Trees and set off in pursuit of Inquisitor Mateus.

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