Project: Valkyrie Squadron Part 1  

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We played a scenario the other day that forced my army out of its ususal transports, Chimeras (Chugs) and into a Deep striking Flyer goodness mode.  I picked one Valkyrie/Vulture for the force as the Anti-Tank component, principally because I only have one Valkyrie model built.  I picked up a few forgeworld Resin models years ago, painted and assembled two of them and only one has survived the ravages of the gaming table.  So off to the table I went with one of the New Fifth Edition Vendettas in my army list.  And it Rocked!  It kicked A$$. It took names.
My Tau opposition didn't know what to fire at first, the Three twin linked Las Cannons on the Armour 12 Chassis Vendetta, Or the Three Bane Wolves bearing down on his army full of multi melta goodness!  Mmmm confusion in the enemys targeting computer, just what the doctor ordered!
So with the Banewolf's off and kicking Tau around the table top, a squadron of Vendettas seemed a good choice for the next Project.

Part 1: Planning
I'm gonna make me a squadron of three Valkyries.  These Valkyries will be operating with the Imperial Navy contingent on Praxedes IV.
Construction will include magnetising the hull and Wing hard points for quick swaps of weapon load outs .
To keep them stylistically the same as the Death Korps they will be painted in a Grey/Dark mottled scheme.  I'll be painitng with an airbrush and I have also found a series of painting guides for using an airbrush to paint a Messershimtt ME 109 in a very similar colour scheme to the one I have in mind, so I'll be following that series quite closely.
I hope to use the forgeworld decal sheets for detailing.

What are Valkyires?
What do we know?  as usual I'm going to start with a visit to the Librarium Lexicanum.  The Valkyrie is a heavily armed airborne armoured assault carrier with VTOL capabilities, used to ferry special forces infantry units such as Storm Trooper Squads and Drop Troop Regiments such as the Elysian Drop Troops to and from combat zones.
The craft has two door mounted Heavy Bolters for door gunners to operate. This combination of weapons allows Valkyrie pilots to stay on station once their cargo has been dropped and provide limited air-support to the troops on the ground. Valkyries carrying extra fuel are capable of carrying modified Drop Sentinel, Cyclops and Sentry Gun instead of troops. In most cases, the Valkyrie, like most of the Imperium's aircraft, is piloted and operated by the Imperial Navy, and are provided in joint operations for use to the Imperial Guard on a need basis.
The Primary modification is reinforced armor with extra armor added to that to reduce the chance of damage and force of heavy weapon impacts. This extra weight reduces the Valkyries max flight altitude and speed, but allows the crew to use it's VTOL capabilities to the maximum potential with improved survivability.

The Vendetta Heavy gunship are Valkyrie's which have been attached to Imperial Guard units and received the increased armor, and then equipped with 3 Twin-Linked Lascannons, and used as a tank hunter after dropping off any unit being transported by it. Further more, it still retains the ability to mount 2 Heavy Bolter door guns. It may also replace the 2 hardpoint mounted Twin-linked lascannons on its wings for 2 Hellfury incendiary missiles instead. 

There are ten known patterns being made by seven listed forgeworlds including Lucius, the forgeworld that produces the Number 98 pattern lasgun for the men of Krieg.  However the differences between the patterns are not known.

Some Images for reference and Ideas

Remembrance Day  

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At the Going down of the sun, and in the evening

We will remember them

11/11/1918 11:11

Project Banewolf: Postscript  

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I was crusing through the Warp and came across the Banewolf done for the 14th Grand Company, a Chaos Traitor website.  This is an outstanding treatment of the tank, blood red with a good use of weathering, not too heavy, not too light.  What really caught my eye was the green bubble filled glass like tube. I was wondering how to do the chem nozzels on my Banewolves. Leaving metalic just seemed a bit boring.  This is most definately one answer.
At the moment the Banewolves are stored elsewhere so, this is more of an aide memior until I can get me, some paint and the Squadron in the asme place at the same time.

Cudos to the folks over at 14th Grand Comany for  a lovely BaneWolf!