Project: Vulture  

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Well, its done.  The canopy has been closed up and the final dusting of weathering powder has been added and its ready to play.  The more observant of you will have noticed its already had an outing on the field.  With punisher cannons  mounted, the Vulture  acquitted itself admirably.  It was so successful that my usual opposition declared that the Vulture had just become one of his Priority targets when playing the 291st.

Top Down Exploded View:
The whole weapons range is magnetised and includes: Twin linked multi-laser; Twin linked las-cannon; Twin linked Punisher cannon; and Rocket Pods.

Front Exploded View:

I would like in the future to get the all of the weapons to round out the hard point options in Imperial Armour apocalypse, like the missile launcher.

Flying Stand Right Front Quarter:

Flying Stand Left Rear Quarter:


There may be some photo shop involved in this picture ;-)

Well that's it.  That's the Imperial Navy Vulture No. 23 attached to 15th Company 291st Death Korps of Krieg Panzer Grenadiers. If you have read this far I hope you have enjoyed the photo spread.  Next on the workbench is a Vendetta Squadron in the same Praxedes IV colour scheme.

Sunday Gaming  

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Back at Bromley battle bunker again, gaming on a sunday because work has precluded any Friday night activities once again.
So today we have a 1750 pt outing against an eldar army by DeathJester.  Both of us are trotting out somthing new this time. He has 3 new D-cannon to try and I have the Vulture on it's maiden flight. We rolled for a game in battle missions and got 'Dawn Raid', a dark eldar mission with me as the attacker and DeathJester as defender. Great piece of luck for me with my guard cavalry army list a perfect proxy for dark eldar.
Oh but the Emperor is a busy man. One minute he is giving you the perfect game setup, the next he is looking elsewhere while the perfidious eldar are stealing the initiative after your scout move has put you in range of a battery of D-Cannons. Still he quickly came back and sorted it out so the eldar managed no damage with their first turn.

By the end of the game the eldar had been smashed. They retained 1stunned war walker and a ranger on the field, whilst the Glorious 291st Death Korps of Krieg, 15th Company still had Graf Krieg and his entire command squad, a Vulture, a slightly damaged Vendetta, and Bastogne and his boys. But he had an objective and so did I. So in the end a draw. 

PS thius will be my last attempt at an emailed iPhone Blog. This bally aticle took took 4 attempts to get up and in the end I have hooked the iPhone up to the PC and did it the old fashioned way.

Project Vulture: Half way there  

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A frend of mine has come over and brought his Cannon EOS 500D.  Most of my shots are done using my own, older Cannon EOS 400D with a Macro Lens, so I had to try a few snaps with the new camera as a contrast.
 I thought I'd try a WIP of the Vulture in the new Praxedes IV theater colours, and this is the result.  This camera is very good!  These were taken with the standard 18mm - 55mm lens on autofocus with an appeture setting of F35 and balancing the shutter speed to the available light.

The subject is my WIP vulture in the 291st theater livery for Praxedes IV campaign.  At present its waiting decals and chipping before I get stuck in in with the weathering and filters.

For all Vallejo Model Air thin all paints 3 drops colour: 1 Drop Thinner Unless otherwise specified.

Undercoat Coat:
Spray Can of Citadael Skull white.

The Exterior:
Preshading and base colour
Spray all of the panel ines with Vallejo Model Air Black (Tutorial Part 4b:  Painting Techniques: BF109 Preshading).

Apply the Basic hull colours by filling in the middle of each panel towards the outer edge.
 Top and Side Elevations: 3:1 Vallejo Model Air Sand Yellow to Vallejo Model Air :Ochre
 Belly Elevation: (3:1 Vallejo Model Air Pale Blue

Apply Spots of Vallejo Model Air: Burnt Umber in a random pattern

Squadron Markings Colours:
I masked the boom rings and sprayed them VMA:white.  Give the white some time to dry and mask off the White Sections with Tamiya 10mm Mask.  this leaves a perfect 1 mm strip on either side of the boom rings, I sprayed these VMA: Red to get the red pencil stipes on the outside of the boom.

The Cockpit Interior
Using this tutorial link as as a guide

Base Coat: Black Grey
Panel Lines/ Stains thinned Black /Brown Mix sprayed
Further Panel line definition by Oil wash of Black/brown
Detailing: Lead pencil to highlight the edges of crew contact areas with a metalic tinge

The Crew:
The Crew are a bit stuffed up on this model.  I painted citadael Space Wolves grey on the armour with the intention of using Citadael: Badab Black washes to give the unpainted Iron effect used on the Krieg granadiers.  But it didnt work very well.  The uniforms are VMC: Luftwaffe cam green with with a white helmet.

VMA: Vallejo Model Air
VMC: Vallejo Model Colour
VGC:  Vallejo Game Colour
C: Citadael
AOC: Windsor Newton Artists Oil Colour
CW: Citadel Wash