Bromley Doubles Tournament  

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Just played a doubles tournament with 'The Good the Bad the Bromley' My second was Death Jester with his Eldar, me with my Death Korps of Krieg.  1000Points Each.  We played three very friendly games:
 - Game 1: Imperial Guard - Imperial Guard
 - Game 2: Space Marines - Space Marines
 - Game 3: Space Marines -  Imperial Guard

We won one drew one and lost one.  To my great surprise we were first equal with three other teams! When the  tie breaker was taken into consideration we were third.  To top it all off, we were both voted best painted armies.

The Hardest game and the game we lost was the Guard - Guard Game.  They had over two hundred infantry models on the board with three blocks of 45 infantry each. My army was almost entirely anti-tank with 3 Vendettas and Veteran Grenadiers with Melta Spam.