Basing Desert Colours  

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The First of the second Squadron of Vendettas approaches completion. Time to build the Flying Base.  I quite like building the flying bases because they are big enough to get a real diorama onto the base.
One again the Theme is the Campaign for Praxedes IV, an earth like world with a high background sulphur content.  The 291st participated in the heavy fighting in around the desert tropics on the main continent.  So a desert base for me.

1.0: Gather all of the Fixin's for the Base

  • Flying Base and stand
  • My Basing Mix (GW Sand: GW Slate chips: GW Slate; Green Scene Rubble Rocks)  
  • Slate Peices
  • Milliput
  • 0.5mm Brass Rod
  • Scatter Materials
  • GW Razor Wire

2.0: Some Preparation
Curl the Wire rod into the Barbed Wire Pailings.  These will be pushed into the Putty later on to hold the GW Razor Wire.
Take the Plastic Base cut a hatch into the plastic with a scalpel.  This gives the putty something to grip.

3.0: Build the Base
Mix the Milliput and push it out thinly onto the base until the whole base is covered.
Press the mixed basing material into the putty.
For the Large Rocks: Push the putty onto the back face of the rocks, then push the puttied face of the rock onto the base.  this ensures adhesion without you having to push the rock deeply into the putty.

Once you have everything pushed on and you are satisfied with the coverage of the basing Mix.  Leave to try.
In this case I wanted to show the wire had been recently mortared.  So I used the butt of the Citadael Large Brush to press craters into the putty.

Note the Flying base is not yet affixed to the base.  It is there only to keep the hole for it in the putty open and prevent the putty from shrinking.

4.0: Spray Chaos Black to fix the Basing Mix
Remove the Flying stand and spray Chaos Black.  This helps fix the basing mix onto the putty.

5.0: Spray the Colours of the Earth
I picked a limited palette.  These are very similar to the colours used on the Flyer.

I started with the VMA Dark Green, sprayed all over, then the VMA: Khaki Brown,  Then the VMA: SAND Yellow.  The idea as to create a variation in colour on the base.  The Black grey was sprayed into the centre of the craters and on Radial Lines out from the centre of the crater.
The Rocks were also sprayed with a Colour not shown, that of VMA: Yellow Ochre.

In order to bring the edges up and lighten the whole thing off I decided to dry brush with C: Bleached bone.  also pictured is the C:Vermin Brown for the Pailings and Razor wire.

6.0: Glue in the Flying Stand
With some glue :-)

I've Skipped the paining of the detail because I basically haven't done it..  I am unhappy with the corpse of the Mordian.  I feel I should be paining it like a regular model.  Instead he's basically the same colour as the base with a red uniform.  Maybe in the future I'll do something about it when I'm a bit more inspired.

Also I think I should add a little bit of yellow/black flock around the base of the rock to break up the rockiness.