IXX Company: Artillery  

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The 19th Company of the Death Korps of Krieg is beginning to take shape. The part you really can't appreciated from this is that I am planning on modelling the crew for each tube. That will give 8 crew per gun. Along with the 40 infantry and 15 HQ and advisers, its a daunting number of Infantry models to build for.

I'm also getting a bit nervous that I am basically building a broken army again. Amongst other things:

- Krieg guns are immobile, the army list explicitly states the guns cannot be moved, in contrast to the main rules which say the crew can drag the guns. So if the guns are completely immobile, how does dawn of war work?

- Death Korps siege masters have apparently never figured out camouflage techniques, so no Camo Netting for the Guns.

Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained. In other news, I spoke with forge world about the fact that I have something in the order of 7 sets of artillery crew, each with 2 models out of five with arms designed to carry a shell, or a gurney for a shell, but the set contains no shell. This means I have 14 models which I am as well put in the bin.
The nice man on phone sales said he would do what he could to source the shells, but at the end of the day, the description of the product clearly states the pack is to be used in conjunction with the artillery kit. This is in clear contradiction to the 3 pictures on the website which all show the models with shells in hand.