Into The Maelstrom: Campaign weekend  

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I traveled up to the Tempus Fugitives campaign 'Into the Maelstrom' at Maelstrom Games this weekend. This is the opening phase of the much larger Badab War.  In these early phases the Astral Claws lead by Lufgt Huron are still loyal to the Imperium .
I attended with the Bromley GCN (aka Bromley Redcaps) with a mixed army of 1500pts 291st Death Korps Armoured Company and 1000pts Spearhead of 501st Elysian Drop veterans.  We played a cycle of 5 games in which I achieved: one loss; one draw; and three wins.  For me, that is a legendary score!  To top of this run, The Redcaps strike force won the campaign for the Imperium, and I got nominated for the 'Best painted army' award.  I didn't win it, in the end the vote went to  heavily converted Tyranid army.

Overall I had a ball, the weekend was well run and kept to time.  The whole thing has re-energised my painting/modelling mojo, and with the majority of the phase one house renovations nearing completion, I may actually get the chance to finish some of the draft blog posts (and models) in my queue.