A new deployment  

Posted by CommissarHarris

New Deployment:

By 749.M41 the 291st Death Korps of Krieg had received the bulk of its draft of replacements from Krieg.  The replacements had been integrated and equipped from the cavernous holds of the regimental support ship, IS 'Thorium'. Along with the new draft, and new equipment the regiment found itself re-designated from a Grenadier Regiment to an Armoured Regiment.  Gone also were the drab uniforms suited to the rolling sulphur plains of Praxedes, Replaced instead with a green, more suited to the green sward, jungle or swamp. 

Training began mid-749.M41 for a new combat deployment.  The men and women of the regiment new little of the new deployment and cared less. Whether the Men and women of Krieg were eager or indifferent when they climbed onto the transports lifting them to their new combat zone none of the passers by on Ironheart could tell. In little more than three months the Newly formed XXVI Ironheart brigade would be fighting for its life on the world of Rodinya IV, a vassal colony of the Mechanicus forge, Ironheart.