The H'rus Incident Campaign  

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Coreward of the Andronicus Sector, On the Edge of the Damoclese Gulf, the Tau empire settled a world in 646.M41. This world was unusual in that it had a substantial population of Eldar Exodites. The Eldar lived largely peacefully alongside the newcommers, keeping to themselves. choosing to remain largely hidden in the vast wilderness of H'rus.
One hundred years after the Tau settled the world, a Rouge trader by the name of Sinja Crafts re dicsovered the world for the empire and against the Laws of the Imperiaum began a regular trade with the Tau on the world, Shipping bulk minerals in exchange for Technology and artifacts for the bored rich of the Imperium. When the trade inevidably came to the attention of the Emperors Inquisition, Inquisitor Mateus, seeking an Artifact he knew to be on the surface of the planet, decided to use the trade station as a cover to steal the Artifact. Under the cover of a routine trade deligation Inquisitor Mateus asked to be allowed to travel to the interior. Members of the Tau Water caste arranged the expidition and the Inquisitor was duely given a tour of an Ancient Ruin. The Farseers of the Exodites of H'rus, reading the skiens of the Warp were fully aware of the purpose of the Inquisitor, and his interest in the Ancient Artifact from the downfall. Deeply disturbed by the possibility the Inquisitor might recover the artifact for the Imperium, they moved to protect the site.
At a signal from the Inquisitor the disguise maintained by his body guard was dropped a dozen Tau were executed before anything more than a single garbled message could get out.

500 Point Game. Eldar Anihilation, Imperial Capture the Flag, ended in an Imperial Victory.

Biel Tan forces were still only beginning to gather on the H'rus. Not enough of the Warhost had arrived to lauch a an overwhelming strike on the Inquisitor. But if the Eldar were to stop the Artifact falling into the hand of the Imperium, time was running out. The Eldar knew however that a small force applied at the right moment can have a far greater effect than a larger force applied too late or too early. The Fates were read and the Time judged as just after the Imperials killed their Tau Hosts.
Swinging up onto the footplate of his Scout Rhino, Inquisitor Mateus voxed a warning to his bodyguard. They were to hold back the Eldar, at all costs. In the forrest surrounding the ruins where the Artifact had lain, men of the 291st Death Korps of Krieg, dropped their disuises and readied their weapons. The men of Krieg spend their lives freely slowing the Eldar advance while the Inquisitor fled.

Game 2
2000 Point Game. Eldar vs. Marines, Anihilation, ended in an Imperial Victory.

The Eldar persuit was close, but Inquisitor Mateus had made it back to the Trading Enclave. Despairing that the Artifact Might Leave the surface of their world, the Eldar launched a vigorous assault into the Human trade enclave deep in the heard of the Tau settlement.
The Tau caught unawares put up no resistance to the first eldar thrust, and soon the Eldar were ranging unchecked through the Trade Enclave. Mateus, with all avenues cut off, played his trump card. En-route to the world of H'rus, the Inquisitors ship had run across the 9031st Imperial Guard Division, redeploying from the Damocles Crusade en route to counter Hive Fleet Behemoths thrust into the Eastern Fringe.
Using his Rossette Inquisitor Mateus had diverted the fleet carrying the division, and it was now he chose to reveal a part of it. On his Order the Strike Cruiser of the third company of the Exorcists dropped out of the warp to deliver its payload of Marines directly onto the Enclave

Game 3
750 Point Game. Tau vs Imperial, Anihilation, ended in an Tau Victory.

All over the planet Tau Firewarriors scrambled from their barracks to defend thier installations from the Eldar Exodites, with whom they had been friends for so long. As they now understood it, their trade partner had been attacked in the wilds. Worse still, the Eldar had tracked the happless human back to the trade enclave in the principal city, and made a brutal thrust into the heart of the city to get at him. Many Tau of all castes had died. Now they must be vigilent, defending their posts long enough for the Ethereals to organise the defence.
The attack, when it came, was not from the direction of the wilds as they expected, but from the city behind them. As the Eldar fought pitched battles with Marines in the streets of the Trade Enclave, the 291st Death Korps had emerged from the hold of the bulk trader the Inquisitor had arrived in and assaulted the command bunker of the planetary defence batteries on the outskirts of the principle city.
The Secret was now out, word flashed around the Fire-warrior command net, not only were the Eldar Exodites turning against them, but the very Humans they were trying to protect had stabbed them in the back. Before long the stiuation for the Tau of H'Rus was to be come much worse.

Game 4
1000 point Game. Tau vs Eldar, Anihilation Draw.

Out on the plains, beyond the outskirts of the city, the Tau fire caste had formed defensive line. Thousands of firewarriors stood ready to repell their once peacfull neighbours. Word had not yet reached the front of the Imperials treachery and little did the Tau know they were about to sell their lives for a Lie.
The first Eldar Stike came directly east of the Principle city when a Tau tripwire patrol stumbled against the sharp edge of the Swordwind and the first cut and the city was blunted, but a great cost. The patrol was cut to peuices and fell back in dissarray. But they had served their purpose, delaying the Eldar long enough to buy time for the main line to come to readyness.

Game 5
1000 point Game. Tau vs Eldar, Anihilation Eldar Win

The cutting edge of the Biel Tan assault may have been met and slowed, but the full weight of the following Sword Wind, would not be so easily stopped. Eldar and Tau forces clashed decisively just outside the outskirts of Principle City.

Game 6
1000 point Game. Tau vs Eldar, Anihilation Eldar Win.
Tau Face the Hammer blows of the Biel Tan Sword Wind.

Game 7
1000 point Game. Tau vs 291st Panzer Grenadiers, Anihilation Imperial Win
Tau face Imperial break out of enclave 1000pts

Game 8
1000 point Game. Eldar vs 291st Panzer Grenadiers, Objectives, Eldar Victory.

Eldar Break Thru the Tau cordon smash into the Trade Enclave for a second time. 291st are thrown at the Eldar to blunt the assault. Eldar brush them aside.

Game 9
1000 point game. Eldar vs Tau. Annihilation, Eldar Win
With the Cordon broken, the Garrison Shas'o decided to go on the offensive, he hoped to pinch off the Eldar advance into the city before the attack could develop. With minimal forces left holding the Line the garrison Shas'o threw a pincer around the Eldar spearhead catching a picket force of Biel Tan in the rolling hills around town.
The two arms of the attack however were mistimed and struck in an uncoordinated fashion. The Eldar soon broke up the attacking Tau forces.

Game 10
2000 Point Game, Eldar vs Tau & Imperial Allied, Draw

General Oberst Steiner was monitoring the situation from his Command bunker. He was becoming increasingly concerned, the Strategium on his staff had estimated that the Tau would hold up the Sword of Vashar for far longer than they had actually managed. The Tau inability to block Biel Tan progress into the Principal City was threatening to disrupt plans to evacuate the artifact.
Steiner chose that moment to demonstrate the unorthodox methods that he would become famous for. He decided to contact the Tau to offer an alliance.
The Tau quickly accepted the offer. There would be no love lost on the Imperials but with the line broken and their forces badly out of position the Ethereal, were desperate and saw no other choice but to ally.
The combined force met the Biel Tan Spear head on the outskirts of the city. The Tau, deployed on the left flank of the

Game 11
1500 Point Game, Tau vs 291st Panzer Grenadiers, Dawn of War Tau Win
With the The Eldar stalled in the outskirts outskits of the city, the allies of convienience soon fell out. Fighing began shortly after Vashar pulled back from the suburbs to reorganise. Tau fired the first shot, and overran the suprised Kriegers after a short and bloody battle.

Game 12
2000 Point Game, Witch Hunter vs Eldar, Dawn of War Imperial Win
The Eldar counter attack took everyone by surprise. They had regrouped much quicker than either the Imperials or the Tau thought possible after the blooddy nose inflicted on them after their assault on the outskirts.
This time the lightning assault over-ran the pickets and thrust towards the Imperial Trade quarter again. Inquisitor Mateus was forced to order the immediate evacuation of the city. Placing his reserves of Sisters of the Ark Angelis in the path of the Biel Tan attack he hoped to buy enough time to load the artifact and escape the world.
Meeting in the streets of the Encalve itself, the Inquisitors forces succeeded in blocking the main thrust of the Swordwind, and the Inquisitor retreated with the Division in good order towards the Enclave Starport and lifted off intact.

Campaign Ends Eldar Victory!
Not all the transports lifted off safely, a few were hit by Eldar and Tau Anti-air batteries and one or two crashed back to the planet. In the confusion, no one noticed that one of them had been the one carrying the artifact until after the fleet were boosting to the Warp transit point. Inquisitor Mateus was enraged by this, and despatched an elite force back to the planet to infiltrate the wilderness and relocate the item. His team would find it or die trying. He had been forced by the downing of the Artifacts transport to play a long game, He would be back....

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The reports from the pathfinders had confirmed what the runes had shown. A Tau victory, Farseer Varshar was only disappointed that the Monkeigh had not harmed the Tau more with only the destruction of a Broadside and 6 Stealth suits.

The runes had shown the Monkeigh proposed incursion on the planetary defence battery. This information had been allowed to reach the Tau which resulted in the battle.

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