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Surfed over to Mordian 7th Regiment and found a post on a nerf gun converted to look like a Bolt pistol. This piqued my interest, I like this as an idea so I immediately jumped on Google anf found some of the Nerf community he hinted at. So I don't loose this once I get the chance to take up this as a project I have collected some links here as to what I found:
The Bolt Pistol:
Possible materials

The Bolt Gun
Possible Materials
Many layers of awesome here. If I ever get around to building it there will of course be a how to.

Big Shout out to the Mordian 7th for this marvelous idea!

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Thanks! They're fun to have around on game days - whenever the opponent gets too cheesy, you can pop 'em one with a nerf dart! :)

1 September 2009 at 08:55

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