291st Regimental Artillery  

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I have started planning and building a siege list along the lines of an alpha strike army. I've been playing an armoured company list from IA: VI for a while now. I've greatly enjoyed glassing areas of the battlefield with a trio of Executioners, but I figure it's time to change up. So far I have started to gather the models for the list. I must admit to being somewhat intimidated by the sheer number of models this will need. In 1750 points I have 9 artillery pieces each with an attached Trojan. Each arttillery tube will have 8 crew the maximum you can have.
So far that's the entire Infantry platoon of fusiliers (Traditional name for Artillery guards), Half of the gunners, mostly with just the bases laid out, the start of the Command HQ squad, and the Engineers squad.
still to come is the 9 Trojans, of which I have parts for 3, and the artillery themselves. I have assembled 3 of the carriages for one unit of Earthshakers and a medusa in its package. Only six more to go.
At the moment The biggest worry is the crew. I have almost all of the crew sets, however despite them being pictured on he forge world site carrying shells, no shells are included in the bags of plastiCrack I have received. I'll be following up with Forgeworld over the next copuple of days to see whats what.

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