I Btn XV Co I Platoon III Grenadiers (Air Mob)  

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1st Battalion; 15th Company; 1st Platoon; 3rd Grenadiers (Air Mobile)
XV Company has been at the forefront of the regiments fighting edge throughout the campaign on Praxedes IV (747.M41), participating in the rearguard after the retreat from Vidighese; the Shadam Agricomplex and the 'Bismark Gambit'.  Watchmaster Ignace Kerasky Is a veteran of the 16th Founding being a member of a graduating Sibling company (sibko) transferred to the 291st at the raising of the regiment in 741.M41.  He was promoted to the position from the fusiliers when the Artillery unit he was protection was overrun by Tau during the H'Rus incident.
Not shown is the squads Vendetta transport.

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Three melta guns eh... Veterans definitely pay for themselves when they get out of the flying transport and melta something...

31 August 2010 at 13:53

these are just brilliant! care to share your painting recipe? I've been buying Krieg for some time, but have been afraid to start painting them!

31 August 2010 at 17:50

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