Friday night Game vs Eldar  

Posted by CommissarHarris

Its friday night and my first friday game of 40K for a while. I have mostly finished painting the Vendetta Squadron, so I thought I'd give them an outing.
The army List was 1 Comand HQ with Creed, two snipers, Medic, and a Plasma rifle, an Astropath and forward observer (Master of the Ordinance); a Leman Russ; a Squadron of three Bane wolves and two squadrons of Vendettas; Carruing 2 Squads of Grenadiers with Demo charges.

Deployment and scout moves went ok right up to the point DeathJester  Stole the initiative.  Still, with a full round of shooting at my Vendettas sitting in his face, Fortuna was not with him and he missed with everything!
By turn four most of the models of both sides were wrecked or removed as casualties.  For me the Vendettas worked great! smashing vehicle after vehicle with Twin Linked laz cannons.  I moved them a little too close though as I was trying to put down troops on the objective too soon and at least one of them was trashed by Asurman in close assault.  Once he had downed it, he ran up and slotted the poor lone Veteran climbing out of the imobilised vehicle, and my last remaining troop choice.
This was origninally posted from a iPhone and I have had to edit it because somthing has been lost in the translation when it was sent :-(

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Just a bit of advice on your list; replace the Bane Wolf squadron and the single Russ with 3 separate Hydras. My current IG list uses 3, and they're absolutely fantastic! Nothing pops light armor like TL autocannons.

18 February 2010 at 14:16

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