Project: Bane Wolf squadron: Part 3 Painting  

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1.0: Camo Base
Codex Grey and Battle grey in stripes

(At this point I chould have done some colour variation mapping)

2.0:  Campaign Marking Banners
Mask off the front left panel then Spray a white stripe White with Scab red pinstripe.
(I should have do new the chipping method with hairspray and sand grit.)

3.0: Decals
Red small eagles onto the bannersVehicle numbers; Ammo Storage; Krieg labels

4.0: Chipping using a sponge. 
4.1 For the Battle grey stripes, Sponge on codex grey chips across the stripes concentrating on the areas where the crew comes into contact with the hull. 
4.2 Then the darker, older chips are sponged on with a mix of 2:1 Scorched brown:Chaos Black. 
4.3 Using a brush, join some of the chips
together to make a larger chip.  Use Fortress grey to put a thin line below the larger chips to highlight them.  Helps create the illusion of peeling or worn paint.

5: Seal with matt spray

(At this point I should have done some selective Filteres with Acrylics to create rain streaks.

6: Rivet filters
6.1 Using Black Oil paints, tin it down with white spirit to a wash.  touch a wet brush to the rivet
head and let the surface tension carry it around the rivet.  Don't over do it.
6.2 wait for it to dry.

7.0: Hull Rust
Flick Mars Red or Rust Red oild paints onto the hull from an old dry brush.  Spray on White spirit to soften and difuse the rust.

8.0: The Tracks
I was going for well used dusty tracks. 
8.1 Paint the Tracks a mid-brown colour
8.2 Grind some Graphite and rub it onto the tracks to highlight with metalic.
8.3 Edge highlight with mithril silver
8.4 Go over the Rubber road pads with Vallejo German Panzer grey.
8.5 Dust on 'European dust' and 'Industrial dirt' and fix it by driping on white spirit.
8.6 When it dries dust off the excess.

9.0: Charing on the battle damage
Light airgun spray Chaos black on areas of battle damage

10:0 Stowage
I hate doing stowage.  Its one of the last things I do before weathering and I hate it

10: Pipes
Principally a weathering task.  Paint with oil paints in a patchy manner with different reds.  Dust on weathering powder and fix with white spirit, touched on and allowed to spread.

11: Stubber and Melta
11.2 grind some Graphite and rub it onto the tracks to highlight with metalic. 
11.3 Edge highlight with mithril silver

(I should have done somthing more here.  perhaps the brown through black sprays for the carbon scoring
on the muzzel would have been better).

12: Lenses
Painted using layering technique.  Starting with Chaos Black; Scab red; Blood red; Sunburst yellow.  Then a dot of white in the corner furthest away from the yellow highlight.

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That's excellent mate. I've slowly been trying the masterclass techniques but to see them all done on one model is incredible.

Kudos to you.

24 October 2009 at 05:44


Thanks for sharing.

24 October 2009 at 06:37


24 October 2009 at 12:07

Thanks for the comments lads! These are indeed all based loosely on the GW masterclss book, plus a little Miguel Jiminez 'F.A.Q' thrown in, in particular, the tracks. Next stop, three Magnetised Valkyrye/Vendetta's

25 October 2009 at 02:44

Very nice armour, superb weathering

14 November 2009 at 10:54

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