Game II: Downtown Vidighese  

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The Town of Vidighese - Praxedes IV 071.747.M41

Game: 1000pt Capture and Control
Result: Draw (Imperials and Tau contest one victory point and the other is uncontrolled)
H'Russ Sept 1000Pts
291st Death Korps of Krieg 1000pts

For those who don't know, our group plays every Friday night (GMT). Last Friday was a painting day, where we all got together to help each other paint armies and work on terrain and modelling projects(keep an eye out for the Kroot with pink Hair!). So no game. This Friday there wasn't going to be a game either as a few of us had evening commitment in the real world. But rather unexpectedly we did manage to get a game in doing the day instead!

Four Imperial standard days later, the Tau made a move to push the Imperials further out of Vidighese. Tau H'Russ sept met 291st Krieg Patrols in the center of town.
A squad of Fire warriors had occupied the upper floors of an Imperial shrine, establishing a forward observation post overlooking an intersection close to the center of town, not far from the Imperial Front line.
The OP allowed Tau forces a clear view of an imperial strong point. It was not long before harassing fire from Tau artillery and Fire warriors became intolerable, and an Imperial response became imperative.
The forward line was reinforced with equipment and troops quietly, then on the morning of 071.747.M41, Men and machines all along the sector moved up the jump off tape awaiting the whistle to commence the attack. Unfortunately on the right flank a unit of dismounted Grenadiers were spotted by a Tau Piranha team supported by Kroot. All along the line Tau forces opened fire into the Imperial positions.
The Imperial response didn't take long to kick off. Pre-designated artillery called in by the Master of ordinance smashed into the building opposite. Las-Cannons added to the devastation carving chunks out of the masonry with bright flares of energy. then the Bane wolf opened up. The scream of superheated air could be heard across town as the multi-melta in its hull scored a hit on the Tau observation post vaporising the corner of the shine. Even the stone built shrine of the Emperor couldn't take that kind of punishment and the whole building fell in on itself carrying all of the Tau down to the ground with it.
The Tau preempting fire had not come without consequences, on the right flank, Tau Piranha's accounted for two of the Veteran Grenadiers.

Over on the Left flank a Kroot kindred that had been infiltrating into the Imperial lines looking for weak points, took the opportunity to rush the men of Krieg, hoping to destroy the heavy weapons teams wreaking such havoc on their Tau allies. They burst through the doors of the ruined hab-block as the Mortar teams finished a fire mission, smashing the Kroot kindred supporting the Piranha's. Mortar men and LasCannon crews looked up as the aliens burst through the doors behind them wielding their deadly double headed rifles.

Crewmen dropped their heavy equipment and rushed to engage the Kroot pouring through the door. Within moments, 4 Kroot bodies lay dead surrounded by 10 dead Kriegers Leutnant Kluge-G7772-9 could see the slaughter from across the ruins. Making a quick decision he leapt from his position shouting for his staff to follow him. Commissar Lord Nero had also seen the threat on the left and leapt up from where the company command had been directing artillery on the Tau OP and sprinted into the melee.
The Leutnant's squad together with the Commissar Nero struck like a lightning bolt,laying about themselves to great effect. They were too late to save the last of the heavy weapons teams , instead the wreaked bloody revenge on the Kroot kindred felling over half of them and driving them back towards the doorway of the hab.

Over on the right flank of the Krieg line, the veterans of the Death Korps Grenadiers fought out their duel with the Tau Pirannas. The nippy Tau vehicles sped around the corner of the Imperial chapel as the Imperials tumbled into the cover of the same building. Two men carrying Melta guns were left outside the lintel their squad mates had clambered through. They turned as one and sent screaming beams of energy into the side of the passing skimmer gutting it from stem to stern. The stricken machine smashed into the ground spilling parts and blood as it went. Angry drones from the Piranha's spat at the grenadiers trying in vain to exact revenge for the destruction of their ride.
Its twin sped on, cutting open the rear of the grenadiers parked chimera with plasma beams, smashing through the track guards and splintering the tracks. The shattered tracks unspooled behind the chimera immobilising it as it continued to hose down the survivors of the Tau Fire warriors in the collapsed shrine.

The Commissar Lord cut down the last of the Kroot Kindred on the on the Left flank and took a quick survey of the battle field though an up-link into his ocular implant. The Tau on the left had collapsed. on the right, they had been stalled and the Imperials retained controls of the field. In the In the Center the Tau OP had been smashed into ruins and a squad of Korpsmen had launched an assault across the road, into the ruins seeking to dominate the ground. Nero could feel the crisis of the battle was approaching. Across the piles of shattered plascrete and flak board, Hauptmann Alder remained hunched over the map board directing the progress of the battle. If the battle was to be won it would be done in the center. Nero flicked his power sword clean of Kroot blood and turned to each of his surviving colleagues holding their gaze for a moment he shouted:
"For your Emperor" and charged out of the building into the street.

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I love these battle reports- well done!

31 July 2009 at 16:56

wow, those photos are ace!
I really like the models and the table....any chance of more images?

4 August 2009 at 06:10

More will follow ;-)

5 August 2009 at 12:36

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