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Well they are here at last. GW/Forgeworld have finally released the Death Korps models. Never mind the squeaky clean America-Mom-And-Apple Pie image of the Cadians; don't give a thought to the Rambo-esque square jawed over muscled semi-mutant Catachans; forget the muffled hordes of Valhallans; I first saw them in the Armageddon website and fell immediately in love. I later saw the full body sketch in the third ed C:IG and was even more in love. The death Korps look like what war is. a Hard, gritty,dirty, bloody business. Having waited so long for these MoFo's to come out I am desperate to make a good job of them, I have held off painting partly to see what the rest of the community comes up with; partly to do research; partly to clear the back log of projects off my desk (which I have Failed to do) and partly because of real life intruding. I have now however brought a couple of figures up to near finished and would like to present here for comment and criticism (please be gentle, but firm). But before the pictures I'd like to give a brief insight into my thinking for the colour scheme.
Base requirements were as follows:

  • No requirement for speed painting , I planned to lavish time on each Korpsman
  • A more realistic approach with dun-colouring
  • German Army C20 based colours in keeping with the theme of the model
  • Heavily weathered with a Western Front / Trench styling

At first I thought of going a for a Wermacht WWII field grey - which is actually a green/grey. but then Union-Js thread hit WIP with his catachan green models and that idea was a bit scuppered. I tested a few with that scheme but It was difficult to differentiate the model from Union J's work and still look good (Still the best on the web that I've seen BTW). So I went back to the books and looked further back in history to the Kaiserheer. Here i found a field grey uniform with Green piping and trim of the Jaeger battalions, which is what I have adapted for here. Jaegers were light infantry specialists, the rough equivalent of the British army's Royal Green jackets. In WWII many of these formations were raised as Motorised infantry/Panzer Grenadiers. Which is he theme I'd like to take with these models.

Anyway enough of my ravings:
Test Model 1:Front

Test Model 1: Left Front

Test Model 1 : Right Rear

PS. That's supposed to be a puddle hes standing in, but GW water effects still has a visible meniscus as this scale. I may not use it again for this reason.

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