H'Rus Incident Reprise  

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The Campaign to recover the Artifact (most likely a C'Tan item or old ones tech) has come to an end with an Eldar victory. The Imperials came second (mostly because of meeting the fluffy objectives while being largely massacred at the same time) with the Tau left wondering what the hell just happened.
The Eldar player demonstrated a masterful command of his army list and while starting a little roughly came to dominate almost all the games he played.
The Imperial Player (Me) never really got the hang of his army list and limped along. My list did mostly OK against the Eldar particularly early Campaign, but against the Tau player all but one game was a massacre, after much talk the conclusion was that the army needed more Las-cannons, basically somthing to create targeting dilemmas in the oppositon, I had hoped to replace the Las-Cannons with mounted melta-guns, but it didn't really work.
The Tau player was kicked around the field by the Eldar player but all through the Campaign demonstrated superiority over the Imperials. Later in the campaign when he started to apply all of the rules for the equipment he had forgotten he even started to challenge the Eldar player, but it was too little too late.

Future for H'rus
All of the players of the campaign got together to discuss the next campaign, and decided to keep it on H'rus. The plot hook is somthing like this:

An elite strike team has been left behind (as well as those who did not make it back to the departing ships of the Division) to locate the Artifact and will pop up from time to time. This is a new player and not me. He is playing a small last chancers army, and makes a horrendous journey to get to where we play. So he will only occasionally be around to participate.

The truce on H'rus between the Tau and the Eldar has been broken, worse from the Eldar perspective the Tau have allowed Imperials on the planet which has almost cost them the Artifact. The Biel Tan Seer Councils have consulted the skeins of fate and have decided the Tau must go. Genocide is the only answer tot he Tau question.

The betrayal by the Exodites of H'rus is unconcionalble and cannot be allowed to stand. They must join the Greater good as some of their kind have done before or regretfully they must be destroyed.

I am taking a break from the Imperials for a while to play Tyranids. Somewhere hidden on the Division fleet is a genestealer cult. When the division left they left behind a cell of their hidden hitchhikers. As the Hive Fleet approaches they are becoming more active. Native flora and fauna are changing and becomming more agressive the vanguard of the great devourer is waxing on H'rus!

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It´s a honor, to fight with so famous warriors like your Korps !

Semper fidelis !

23 February 2009 at 07:01

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