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Had my first game in a long while down at the Bromley South Battle bunker. Took a pickup game using the roster I put up last week. It was a most enjoyable game, the atmosphere was much friendlier than I remember. I don't know if it's because they have let the Kids up, or because the staff now play games up there where they didn't before, but I got a walk on pretty quick and was surprised by the level of sportsmanship vs gamesmanship.

The game was tough, and I was comprehensively drubbed by a Tyranid Player.

  • I made several mistakes during the game from setup to finish.
  • In Dawn of war I chose to remain off board until my first turn, allowing the Tyranids a free turn of movement before I came on.
  • I placed my line of tanks hard up in the left hand corner of the board, allowing his outflanking Genestealers free range when they arrived.
  • I mis-targeted on Gaunts that were in cover rather than the ones out of cover :-(
  • I hit a group of rippers with an Inferno Cannon and caused 4 wounds. This should have removed 8 stands (double wounds on a swam from Blast / Template; S6 Instant kill) instead only one stand was removed as the other player argued that only Blast Templates get the double kill. I didn't look it up, so only one stand was removed. The rippers went on to wreck 3 Vehicles :..-(
  • I forgot half of the upgrades on the vehicles like +4 save against immobilised and Shaken reduced to stunned, leaving the vehicles unnecessarily immobile when being attacked by rippers.

In my favor I nailed the winged Hive Tyrant in the first turn, with several Meltas to the face!

I will know for next time. I have also looked at my list and made a few changes. I'll post them up when I get the chance.

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