Campaign 2: Invasion of H'Rus  

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The goal of the campaign is basically the same as the previous campaign The H'Russ incident':

  • To keep the book keeping to a minimum;
  • to have a definitive end in a reasonable space of time;
  • provide a framework to tie games into a narrative whole.

As such we are broadly keeping the same rules as that campaign, while addressing one or two concerns that rose during the course of the games.

It was felt at the end of The H'Russ incident, that the experience System re-in forced success too much, and that the restrictions on changing your army list were punitive.

In order to address these concerns the following Campaign rules are proposed for the Battle for H'Russ.

Victory Conditions

the first player to Reach a total of 6 victory points.

Victory Points

Gain One victory point per game where the player was on the winning side.


this campaign contains the following factions:

Sword of Varshar (Eldar)

H'Russ Exodites (Eldar)

- Hive Fleet Leviathan - Germanicus tendril (Codex: Tyranids)

- 13th Penal Legion (Codex: Imperial Imperial Guard)

- 287th Death Korps Panzer Grenadiers (Codex: Imperial Imperial Guard)

- H'Russ Sept (Codex: Tau Empire)

All factions except Tyranids may form alliances.

All alliance members gain the VP' s and Cp's for a game played where they had figures on the field.

Campaign Points

Campaign points (CP's) replaces Unit experience points. For each game played a player may accumulate CP's based on the result of the game. CP's can be redeemed for Veteran Skills or points bonuses in a single game.

Win = 2 CP's

Draw =1 CP's

Loss = 0 CP's

Regular Tyranid players (me anyway) gain an extra CP for any game they do not participate in. This is to simulate the absorbtion of biomass elsewhere on the planet and the growing tyranid menace.

Redeeming Campaign Points

CP's can be used to buy a roll on the Veteran Skills table at the following rate:

- 1CP = Preliminary Bombardment

- 4CP = 1 Random Veteran Skill (Roll once on the veteran skills table E5:p263 and add it to the army list)

- 6CP = 15 % points bonus for one game

Army lists

games must be played with a valid army list and you must have it available for inspection by your opponent at time of play.

An army list may be changed at any time during the course of the campaign with no detrimental effects.

Using veteran skills

Veteran Skills are gained by a player for their faction by spending CP's. Roll once on the veteran skills table E5:p263 and add it to the army list.

The veteran skill can be applied to any legal unit in the army for a game.

The unit carrying the Veteran Skill must be declared to the opposition at the beginning of the game or it cannot be used for that game.

If a unit carrying a veteran skill is completely destroyed (or the vehicle explodes) during a game then the Veteran Skill is permanently lost and is removed from the players faction.

Good Hunting!

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I just surfed in this looks quite interesing. Why are you giving an advantage to the nid player? Is he crap or Somthing? When are you planning to blog the result?

25 February 2009 at 04:31

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