By order of his Imperial Majesties Most Holy Inquisition  

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By order of the high council of Terra and by the will of His most Holy

Majesty, the God Emperor of Mankind,

It is here by ordered and decreed that Lord Solomon Mateus,


* a member in good standing of His most Holy Inquisition;
* and a faithful servant of Humanity,

and having been found:

* Diligent in the pursuit of the demonic
* Ruthless in the execution of his manifold duties;
* Steeped in the doctrines of faith and purity,

Shall henceforth be granted:

* the Title of Lord Inquisitor, Malleus Persuivant along with all

the rights and privileges thereof.

Inquisitor, Lord Solomon Mateus is hereby burdened with the sacred

duty for the protection of Mankind from the multitudinous heresies of

the Mutant; the Heretic; the Alien and the Demonic, that beset him

from all sides.

Let none who are loyal to the Emperor of Mankind deny him of any

succor or any aid on pain of death and eternal damnation, be it

physical, material or spiritual that he may request or demand of any

Imperial citizen be he lord or labourer, for to deny him is to deny

the Emperor.

By order of the Lord Echelisarch and the most holy Church of the

Emperor Ascendant, it is here by ordered and decreed that Inquisitor,

Lord Solomon Mateus shall be granted Absolvo Dei Imperator Perpetua

for any and all actions he may deem necessary in the execution his


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This is headline news. Where's the accompanying full color picture spread?

25 February 2009 at 05:59

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