Weathering The Hunting Russ A21  

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The Hunting Russ

Ultramar in this thread asked for a tutorial on how I weathered my version of Lt Walkes excellent Jagdpanther Destroyer Tank Hunter(Very Pic Heavy). So here it is. Hope it helps

1. Undercoat in citadael black;
2. Base coat of Valejo Black-grey;
3. Scrub that tank with 4:1 VBG:Valejo Wolf Grey;
4.Brush on decal undercoat of Citadael Gloss coat using a CLEAN BRUSH where you want decals;
a. Vehicle Number both sides;

b. Radio heat emf warning;

c. Exhaust fan warnings;

d. No step on range finder;

e. Fitting shovel instruction; and

f. Road Plates;

5. to loosen water slide decals, put on tissue folded up and soaked with water. Wait for the decal to become wetted out. while waiting to wet out: apply micro set decal softener to the target area;
6. Use clean brush and tweezers to move decal to model;
7. Soak away excess water/Setting solution with a cotton bud applied near but not on the decal.


Add another layer of microset decal solution then Dab it off with a corner of dry tissue paper;

8. Paint decals with Microflat varnish to remove gloss sheen


Light spray with Purity seal, couple of dry passes;
9. Metalise edges with 4B graphite stick (pencil)
10. Apply wear points on hull with a red earth type colour then GW Bolt gun Metal (BGM) using the tropical Islands technique: remember Less is more!;

11.Apply scratches in random patterns using a light grey;
12.Apply wear with more 4B graphite stick, and polish with finger where applicable.
13.Use browns thinned 9:1 with water for the first filters. always apply filters in a downward stroke fashion. Note: this is not a wash but something thinner, try not to let it pool in detail;
14. Apply 9:1 Water:Citadael Chaos Black (CCB) using thin strokes in a downward fashion for water streaking;

15. Rust up using Light red Artists Oil colour streaked using white spirit;

16. Use Mig pigments to add Dust to the horizontal surfaces.
a. Brick dust and European earth for dust collected on roofs;

b. Black for soot from smoke generators and barrel fouling;

17. Humbrol black thinned with turps for fuel and oil stains.

Script Decals are cut down liturgy decals from the Witch hunter decal sheet

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