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  • Free Flow
  • Book keeping kept to a minimum
  • Story/narrative to give it meaning.
  • Three Way Tau; Imperial (IG mainly); Eldar Biel Tan
  • Clear Ending

1. Register an Army List made up of 1500 points with a subset of 500 points and 1000 points picked out form the 1500
2. Experience follows the Unit, so if a unit in the army list is changed (even to drop a bolt pistol!) the unit that was changed is considered a new unit and looses all experience and traits.

3. If the Unit Survives as a scoring unit (4th Ed rules) then it gains an XP point for surviving.
4. If it does not survive then it looses an XP to a min of 0. Record at the end of each game on the army list.
5. +1 for Unanimous Man of the Match!

Or use 4th Ed pg 242 Experience rules

At [three] XP roll on the veteran table and record the result.
At [Six] Roll a second time on the veteran table.
Lose below Three/Six loose the trait.

Possible future Expansions is an Emperors Tarrot stle modifications to change the field of play:
  • Abandoned Front line Bunkers;
  • Civilians in the Way
  • Arctic Conditions (Cold, Night Fighting)
  • Ambush
  • Supply Problems
  • Fleet overhead - Free Orbita Bomardment
Victory Condition
First one to 5 Victories

Narrative Idea 1
World in the Damoclese Gulf Overrun by the Tau as the Gue'la pulled out in 742.M41. 200Years later 997.M41, the Administratum organises a limited offensive to recover some of the Worlds lost to the Tau. Eldar, who have been maitaining a vigil on an artefact, decide the risk of Monkeigh Psykers returning to the world is too great and move to sweep both off the world before they activate the artifact.

Narrative Idea 2
994.M41 Tau found a new world on a seeming Paradice world. The Mechanicus Exploratium corps has had this world staked out as a potential colony world for several centuries and are not pleased to discover the Tau squatting there. Mechanicum organises a crusade in 998.M41 to cleanse the world before they become too well established. Both sides feed more and more troops into the conflict. Biel Tan attention is eventually drawn to the world as the Maiden world is scarred by the conflict. Eldar raiders open up a long forgotten web way portal and awaken the Sword Wind to kick them both off. First Eldar Raiders appear 999.M41

Narrative Idea 3
Tau settle a world in 746.M41 which has a substantial Eldar Exodite population. the two species agree to divide the world equitably and live in peace. A Rouge trader discovers an artifact on the surface during a routine trade deligation. When this is reported to the Inquisition, Ordo Xenos move to aquire the artifact in Tau territory by stealth. Eldar Farseers sensing the danger, move into Tau teritory to prevent the Imperials from gaining access to the Artifact. A firefight results in the Imperials being destroyed. The Tau, missinterpreting the Eldar intervention as an act of War move to retailiate, and use it as an excuse for a Massive Response. The Eldar Exodite commuinty in desparation calls on Biel Tan to unleash the Sword Wind on the world.
The Inquisition, having failed to aquire access to the Artifact through stealth, call on the Hammer of the Emperor.
An Imperial Guard Division, en route to counter Hive Fleet Behemoths thrust into the Eastern Fringe, is diverted to capture the Artifact by Coup-De-Main.

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