Black clad Death Korps  

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Having finally decided on a black uniform, I have begun production. I have for various reasons got too many infantry, and not enough Grenadiers. Still I have to paint up the first batches of models before getting any more. Well that's what I keep telling myself anyway. Currently working to this recipe:

Guiding Principle

Block it in and work down to the smaller Details
Base Colours
  • Chaos Black
  • Scorched Brown
  • Boltgun Metal

Accents and Highlights
  • Space Wolves Grey
  • Bleached Bone
  • Bestial Brown
  • Snakebite Leather
  • Blood Red
  • Shining Gold
  • Mithril Silver
  • Badab black

Storm Coat and cloth
1: Basecoat of Scorched Brown 1:1 Chaos Black
2: 1st Highlight of 1:1:1 Scorched Brown:Chaos Black:Bleached Bone
3: 2nd Highlight of 1:1:3 Scorched Brown:Chaos Black:Bleached Bone
4: 3rd Highlight of 1:1:4 Scorched Brown:Chaos Black:Bleached Bone

Leather Boots; Webbing and Gas mask
1: Basecoat of Scorched Brown
2: Bestial Brown Edging and Highlight
3: Snakebite Leather for creases and scratches

Wooden Lasgun furniture
1: Bestial Brown
2: Badab Black wash until it looks right (1-2 Coats)

Metal Armour and tubing
1: Boltgun Metal
2: Badab Black wash until it looks right (4-6 Coats)
3: Scratches using Mithril Silver

Epaulets Piping and Collar Tabs
1: Space Wolves Grey
2: Blood Red

Brass Belt Buckle Helmet Imperial Eagle and Air Hose clamp
1: Shining Gold : Scorched Brown at 2:1
2: Mithril Silver Highlights.

Left Shoulder gets the Regiment Number
Back Pack gets a Serial Number
Storm troopers get their serial number on their Brest plate on the Right hand side

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