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We have been travelling a lot in the last few weeks so it's taken me a while to get hold of the new 5th Edition Guard Codex. Yesterday I got the chance to make it into the Sylvia Park mall in south Auckland to pick up a copy. A short version of my impressions thus far is: Lots of fluff; well organised rules section; almost no hobby section.
This last point is a bit of a downer from my point of view, I have always looked forward to the hobby tips and views of gorgeous conversions to emulate. Still you can't have everything, and I am more than happy for the good folks at games workshop to use the room to Stuff the codes with new units and codex creep the old ones!

Fourth Edition 291st
I always start with the theme of an army before ever picking any army list. sometimes this Starts as fascination with a particular model around which I build the army Sometimes with a range of models and sometimes with a theme from the real world.
The 291st is a blend of two of these Ideas:
Firstly: I once saw a player in 3.2 Edition play an entirely motorised Imperial Guard army, which he used to great effect, wiping the floor with my Adepts Sororitas.
Secondly: I love the Death Korps of Krieg Ever since I saw the first picture of them in the now defunct Armageddon campaign website.
When the Forge World models came out I knew I would end up with a unit of them. I was initially Disappointed with the idea this were infantry horde army specialists, however after reading Imperial Armour Volume Five - Siege of Vraks it became clear that Krieg produced a wide variety of units, it was just that they were best known for the Siege regiments.

With this the 291st Panzer Grenadiers were born. The regiment would be raised as a Motorised Infantry Grenadiers formation. Fast moving, able to concentrate or disperse quickly anywhere on the board. Having a Large number of transports the Chimeras would Supply the heavy weapons and the infantry inside would carry all of the antitank weaponry. Supported by Leman Russ for long range anti tank work.
In Fourth Ed. this failed horribly, there wasn't nearly enough variety to give targeting dilemmas created in the opponents mind. My principal opponents Quickly figured out a formula for annihilating my forces:

  1. Pop the transports;
  2. clean up the troops at range; then
  3. worry about the tanks Last.
Games became a monotonous round of losses and I was unable to figure out a way around it. I will need to find a way to fix this in the fifth Edition list.

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I'd assume that with the switch to 5th edition, mechanised lists are far more viable due to vehicules generally being made more resilient.

Concerning the hobby section, I always found that the painting instructions they gave were completely out of whack most of the time anyway - especially when they were being compared to an 'Eavy Metal piece...

Looking forward to reading your army list.

12 May 2009 at 02:52

Well, the price of chimeras now is so low that they're almost irresistable unless you want an all-infantry force, so the points savings can easily be spent bulking up elsewhere.

It's bloody good though: a basic troops squad in a basic chimera is now only 105 points, and five of them can fire out, too.

Crumbs: I could now get a veteran squad in a valkyrie for little more than I used to pay for a vaguely tooled-up armoured fist squad.

It's a minor frustration that heavy weapons squads can't legitimately have chimera transports now...

Enough rambling though. I agree that more pretty model pictures would've been nice.

- Drax.

13 May 2009 at 11:13

Hello, Are these your Krieg painting? Because there really nice, could you be able to give me some tips on painting them or a tut on how you do yours. Thanks!

17 August 2009 at 04:21

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