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I'm over in New Zealand on holiday and had occasion to drop in to the Games Workshop in St Lukes shopping mall with my Son for a one-on-one game. Very different from the UK stores which are my princial experience of these things. They had a single table other than the 4x4 demo table. This was set up for an Apocalypse game of Orks vs Imperial guard using the shop armies, they would then invite people to use these in varying numbers to play an Apocalypse. We played two games one as Orks and One as Guard. The gurard won both games. This was my first and second ever Apocalypse games. Playing guard I had control of both of the Super heavy tanks: A Baneblade and a Shadowsword. It was interesting using the super heavies. The sheer weight of fire they generate is scary enough, but it was the independent targeting that made them truly impressive units. Being able to Hammer the Ork Stompa while the twin linked heavy heavy bolters reaped a terrible harvest of Ork boys. The Stompa was also quite scary, but appeared to be a bit squishy at the end of the day. That might have been because it was one super Heavy vs two tho.

I didn't enjoy playing as Orks. That probably had more to do with the fact I have no experience of playing with them and no idea of their rules.

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