291st in Rest and Refit  

Posted by CommissarHarris

In my little world it is currently 748.M41, The 291st has at this time been rotated off of the hell world that is Praxedes IV and sent to Ironheart, a Forgeworld elsewhere in the Tortuga Reaches subsector. 
By this time, The 291st had become seriously depleted, having been in almost constant action for more than two years.
The Forgefathers of Ironheart had agreed to rest and refit the Regiment on their world.
The Magos of Ironheart were secretly ecstatic at the chance to examine the ancient, near relic Executioner model Leman Russ' which were the mainstay of the Regiments Armoured Company.

In the Realworld, the Muses have taken me to paint Sisters of Battle, where I am slowly building up to 2000 points.  The 291st are not dead yet, and eventually the Muse will wander back there.

Picture taken from  from Deviant Art

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Great blog, the krieg look fantastic! I hope they will be making an appearance on Armageddon!

9 February 2013 at 05:01

Alas no, the Krieg will not be appearing, however the Ark Angels will be!

10 February 2013 at 22:18

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