The Death of Veteran Watchmaster Bastonikov  

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Citizens!  mourn the death of the great hero of the Imperium, Bastonikov.  Victor of Vidighese, Lion of the Shadam Agricomplex, Destroyer of the 'Bismarck' Cobra.  The Great Bastoikov has fallen in fierce combat with the Hated Xenos Foe.
Dispatch From the Front!
217.747.M41: Praxedes IV: Battle of Shield station 6.  I Battalion , XV Company, smashed the Eldar defences around the derilict shield station 6.  By now the xenos lines were thoughly in dissaray and retreating wholesale back towards the Webway gate they had arrived in.  Celebrated veteran Watchmaster Bastonikov, as always at the forefront of the fight, was cut down by howling banshees as he rushed to seize the derilict bunker complex overlooking the valley where the void shield station lay.  Batonikov Stood his ground as the Eldar witches cut his squad to peices around him.  Like the True son of the Emperor he turned at bay and slew 4 of the Xenos scum before they overwhelmed him and the last of his comrades.  The Eldar crones stormed into the bunker complex, where they were met by Colonel von Krieg.  He revenged his fallen comrade by cutting down the remaining banshees in a hail of Laz-fire.

The actions of Watchmaster Bastonikov and his brothers In arms have brought the war on  Praxedes IV within measurable distance of its end.

Prayers will be sent to the Emperor for Bastonikov and his brothers in the great Chantry of 'The Emperors Hammer' at the 3rd quater all this week.

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