Project: Valkyrie Squadron Part 2  

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Constructing the major components
 I have finally had some time to build the major components (Yes I fall into the 'Build Paint it as components' school of thought)  ready for painting.  After having glued the components together however I realised I should have glued the other half of the nose section to the body.  This would have allowed me to magentise the weapon mount before painitng, as it is I will have to paint the model to the point I can fit the crew module before glueing on the side panel and fitting the magnet.

Not shown here are the wings.  I plan to magnetise the wing hard points so they remain un-assembled.

The next step will be to paint the interiors on the three hulls at the same time.  I will be undercoating the interior with citadael white.  Then using my newly aquired airbrush I will be painting the interior a tan base colour.

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