Project Banewolf: Postscript  

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I was crusing through the Warp and came across the Banewolf done for the 14th Grand Company, a Chaos Traitor website.  This is an outstanding treatment of the tank, blood red with a good use of weathering, not too heavy, not too light.  What really caught my eye was the green bubble filled glass like tube. I was wondering how to do the chem nozzels on my Banewolves. Leaving metalic just seemed a bit boring.  This is most definately one answer.
At the moment the Banewolves are stored elsewhere so, this is more of an aide memior until I can get me, some paint and the Squadron in the asme place at the same time.

Cudos to the folks over at 14th Grand Comany for  a lovely BaneWolf!

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