Necron Gauss Weapon Effects  

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Using Jascs Paintshop Pro version 8.0
1 Select the Glowing Bars
Open the basic Image.  Use free hand select tool to select the rods which will glow:

I did not select the very distant bars.

Promote Selection to Layer
Once the Selection was complete I Promoted the Selection to a new Raster Layer:

Setup the Core
Rename the new Layer to 'Core'.  Set the Colour Selector to the bright colour, I use an off white towards green.

With the new colour, select the paintbrush tool.  The Necron glass bars on the 'Core' Layer should still beselected.  So Select the Core Layer and Paint the new colour into the selection.

Dupicate the Core Layer two more times and set the colour to the Eerie Green Glow.

Selecting each Layer in turn: Paint each layers selections with the new colour.

Adjust the the Gaussian Blur

For each Layer, adjust the Gausian Blur from the tool bar.  I often have to play with the values but in general the 'Core' layer is the lowest blur and the upper layers are a higher blur number.

The Final Result is below:

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